Government and Crime

At the $220,000 kick starter stretch goal, we see Pirates, Ninjas, and Politicians. While I feel the whole “Pirates and Ninjas” side of things is self explanatory being that they will probably cause crime as was explained. The Politicians bit isn’t. If we have Politicians in the game, I could only assume that there will be a form of Government in your civilization. If this is so, what will it effect? Foreign relations with other players/tribes? Possible taxation on subjects? A currency based economy? Government in my opinion, is pretty interesting. If it is in this game, that would be cool, but have we gained any info on it besides the very short and anti conclusive description on the kick starter page? I am just curious to what it will be for, or if it was just a typo to have Politicians in the stretch goals.

Now, back to the crime part. If there is crime, I would think there must be some form of law enforcement. Guards/Detectives maybe? Is this going to be like Sim City, where you can go into a sort of utilities view and see what parts of your city have more crime than others? I also noticed a past post about there being prisons. If there are prisons, perhaps there will also be things like court houses. I am not sure how much detail they want to put into law enforcement, but from what Tom and Tony sound like, they just might want to.

Let me know what you guys think.

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What I think is, you’ll be able to manage you people better, also be able to tax your people. And what you were saying about Crime, I think it would be an excellent idea to have sort of like a prison, for people who would steal, and if you had prison/jail you would have to have police men/women.


The way I read it was that the politicians would be an alternate to the goblins, pirates and ninjas i.e. they were something negative that you would want to remove from your town. I suspect that unlike goblins they are not something you fight off, instead there will be another way to chase them out before they steal too much money from you.

At least that was my understanding.

I wouldn’t think that would be the case, or if it is. The title was quite misleading. Politicians in the real world do get bribed, but they don’t correlate with crime. If they did, we would have a serious problem haha.

I am certain any police work required by your citizens will either be handled by and and all military units or by a single Sheriff unit… or multiple sheriff units if required, rather than having a large police force.

@LordNevs Taken from Kickstarter:

Pirates, Ninjas and Politicians: Your wealthy, thriving
communities will draw the attention of the dread Order of Applied
Equivocation. Unlike the straightforward aggression of goblins and
trolls, these new enemies will cheat, kidnap, and blackmail their way
into your citizen’s homes… and coffers

I guess the blackmail part is for politicians.

I wouldn’t think that would be the case, or if it is. The title was quite misleading. Politicians in the real world do get bribed, but they don’t correlate with crime. If they did, we would have a serious problem haha.

Says the guy with a communist avatar. haha.

In all seriousness, any sort of politics (whether that be a “mayor”, some sort of monarch unit, etc.) will be somewhat limited. It almost sounded to me like it will add another dynamic to villagers lives, allowing them to potentially scheme against eachother, as well as adding a layer to diplomacy. In fact, I think diplomacy is what itm ostly deals with. There was a quote from the devs on the issue, but I don’t know where it is or where I read it. I wouldn’t expect too much from it though.

@DAWGaMims I think you might be thinking of kings and queens? If so then:

Oh boy are you one of those people who think that communism is evil? Communism is the perfect government type. What isn’t perfect about it is how people have taken advantage of it in the past. Communism itself is not evil. The people who used it where.

A government system that relies on perfect people is doomed to failure. There will never be a functional ‘truely’ communist society.


Perhaps not in our lifetimes. But as the prophet Justin Bieber once said: “Never say never”.

Not to get wildly off-topic here but Communism breeds corruptions, which is why it is not the perfect government. Good and Evil has nothing to do with it. It is a weak form of government.

Yeah but bottom line communism doesn’t breed corruption.

Ok, now I KNOW you are pulling my leg!


Maybe they are ambiguous so they can decide later, or use suggestions

First of all, I am really interested into that stuff, specially because it sounds quite original and not usually for that kind of game, normally you would imagine magic, knights, dragons… and then the devs pop up with pirates, ninja and politics, 3 things which have nothing to do with a ‘standard’ middle age fantasy game (well ragnarok online used ninjas too lol).

Anyway, I think politics are little bit like hypnose people, they are corrupting your villagers and make them less efficent at working or even sabotage it

If they were communist politicians, they would do no such thing. So I guess they must be fascists.

hm… you are confusing me lol, but why away from pets? :laughing:

I am starting to believe someone here knows very very little about communism.

To me, the role of kings or mayors would be to have an NPC that does nothing but consume resources and get in the way of everybody else who is doing real work. At least that would be the way I’d put it into Stonehearth if I was writing it in as a mod.

It would even serve a function in terms of “keeping the economy running” where other members of the village would have something to do by supplying items (like furniture, a house, weapons, statues, etc.) for the mayor as a form of taxation. The mayor in turn would “tour” the city and check out what everybody is doing as a good politician, but generally be in the way as they would need to wait for the mayor to move if he is standing in front of the forge or in a storage area. Basically a general nuisance.

On the other hand, in battles the mayor could be leading the armies while wearing “the best” of what the village has to offer… therefore being a prime target in any battle arrangement. If the mayor dies, some other random villager (or perhaps selected by the player) can become the new mayor.