Ninja Gameplay Discussion

So one of the stretch goals was “Pirates. Ninjas. Politicians.” Having browsed the forums a bit, I haven’t seen much talk in the ninja area and I’d like to spur some discussion on this topic. I’m not sure how far into the fantasy realm ninja will go, because they can be pretty ridiculous in manga.

Would they simply have some sort of stealth feature for a one-time sneaky high critical damage attack? Will they have a ranged shuriken attack? Smoke bombs? If we delve into manga territory, would the ninja be able to make shadow clones?

What about on the larger scale? Will ninja merely be stealthy combat units? Can they be used as spies or scouts (would this make introduce too much micro gameplay)? Could you sell their services off to other towns and have them come back with some sort of payment?

The ninja have the potential to be very strong, and therefore a little overpowered, especially if we go with the fantasy ninja area with shadow clones and whatnot.

I personally see them as being a unit that gains stealth at night and have a high parry/dodge skill. The first attack from stealth would be a high critical damage attack, but their basic attacks and overall health would be weaker than that of a soldier. This may be too quirky, but I’d like them to hide in trees or disguise themselves as bushes so they can work as a perimeter scout or keep an eye out on nearby enemy encampments. In terms of gameplay control, I imagine to prevent micro, they would be controlled similarly the current way the trapper is; you would select an area for them to function in. Maybe they have “scout”, “ambush”, and “spy” options. But rather than dragging out a square box, they should have a fixed circular territory they can “control”, and you select where the center of that circle would be, and off they go! So maybe you order them to “ambush” any baddies in this area. And the ninja will run over there and either climb into the tree and wait to attack, or disguise himself as a bush and wait for enemies.

Also, since ninja have to eat - Before they go on missions, they should probably grab like 3 days worth of food and throw it into a knapsack and take it with them so they don’t have to keep exposing themselves to hunt for food for hunger.

Okay and one final thought. If we use them as spies… you know how the caravans periodically show up with a new person wanting to join a settlement? Well what if for ninja espionage, you send your ninja over to another player’s settlement to “join” their town as a worker or something and the owner of the town uses them for every day tasks thinking his population has merely increased? This way you get vision of their area and can strategically plan out an attack. Then when you finally want to have your ninja retreat, he has to leave at night! So maybe he’ll make a dummy body out of wood or something that would take his place in the bed or on the ground when he’s sleeping. And then he’ll regain his stealth attribute (because it’s night) and he runs home! Then after a period of time, one of the footmen will go and inspect the sleeping person and *poof!* a cloud of smoke reveals the sleeping body to be a block of wood or something!

Anyway, I’d like to hear ideas on ninjas.



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You were doing so good until the last sentence of your post with not using the plural. . . . and then you ruined it. :frowning: No plurals in Japanese! None! It hurts my ears/eyes!

Now my rant/lession is over with, let us get back on topic. . .

Why just at night? Though they are “well known” for their dark outfits, they were pretty much just spies/mercenaries. They also hid in plane sight in civilian clothes.

I’m not quite sure if ninja will be a class, they might just be an AI controlled “monster” but even so this is very similar to what I think. Being unarmored the ninja would have less health but a higher speed than normal soldiers. Equipt with a knife they’d ahve a shorter attack range but added with their stealth and high mobility they’d be harder to hit.

I probably have more to add but it’s like 1:30am and I’m tired lol

I’ll take a look at it tomorrow when I’m a little more awake. :smiley:


I’ve moved this over to the ‘gameplay’ category as I feel it fits there better :slight_smile:

Good to see discussion around some future gameplay elements!

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So yes. Ninjas.

I think having different pirate/ninja/politician units during the day and night might be interesting though. I mean sure, ninjas ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) really worked as you say… but imagine a situation whereby your night patrol must ward off the ninjas whilst your day patrol does the same for the pirates (or w/e).

Agreed. I’m thinking stealthy glass cannons - if they’re caught then your town is probably safe, but until they’re caught, you need to be very careful.

Other than that… yeah I think @Axidion is misunderstanding the pirate/ninja/politician thing - these 3 are (I’m pretty sure) intended to be hostile, AI-controlled units that cause trouble for your settlement, not a class for you to control.

You set Avarian off again why did you have to mention the N word.


My bad! :wink: I was trying to be extra careful because I saw you rant about it in another thread haha. Oh well…

This had never occurred to me… How would you have hostile politicians? Seems kinda weird to group that in with pirates and ninjas.

Well I suppose if I completely misunderstood how ninjas were going to be integrated into the game, my whole first post is almost useless haha. Hmmm… I suppose in that case it simplifies the army composition considerations for the player.

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Well, if pirates are thieves, and ninjas are assassins, politicians are blackmailers or something. Just think of it as different means of harming your settlement, albeit without necessarily killing / breaking things. I mean, suppose a politicians blackmails a farmer for half his crop of food - it’s definitely harmful, but different to the usual threats.

Interesting… in that case I could see the politicians as levying taxes or something on highly developed settlements. Or as you proposed, blackmailing for goods. Makes you kind of wonder what embarrassing things our workers would be doing at night :blush:

Well… I guess I misread the intention of the ninja. So if they are a wild mob, what kind of harm to the settlement would they pose? We currently have goblin (with 10+ bodies) hordes that come in and kill and take your resources. So I think ninja should pose some other kind of threat. Maybe kidnapping and ransoming?
Maybe once currency is implemented, they try to take members of your settlement. You could give them smoke bombs to disable footmen and your workers that are “on guard”. And if the ninja successfully nab someone and run away, some carrier pidgeon or something flies in with a note asking for a certain amount of gold depending on what your current town worth is. You can “Pay Ransom” and drop gold into the carrier bird’s pouch or something and it would deliver the money and your worker would walk back home. Alternatively, if you choose to not pay the ransom, the person who was kidnapped could join the ninja ranks for revenge, thus increasing the ninja threat.