Startopia (new game i found)

Now this is a game i came across by chance (saw it on GOG found it to be cheaper on Steam)

It will be amazing for some, (die-hard Dungeon keeper/sims/and other such dungeon/civ/micromanagement enthusiasts should apply here :stuck_out_tongue: ) boring for others

i might actually either do a live stream or a let’s play in a few days.

it is AWESOME! who else plays?

Startopia, the game that was made in 2001?


HOI^^ A real new GAME! Ähmmm wait ahhh yes i have it in a paket in my basement :wink:

But yes it was a really great game ^^

ok lol… you guys know what i meant im sure (a new game to ME)

never heard of it before :stuck_out_tongue:


I had this back in my Windows XP days. Played HOURS of it. This of course is back when you still had to have the disk for everything. All hail the mighty Steam Client!