Star Trek TNG: Crash Landing Mod Idea for Stonehearth

So much awesome builds up on this site when I don’t visit for a few weeks.

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Update for alterations and additions.


Dr. Crusher! swoons

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I’m beginning to think you have a thing for voxel redheads Steve!


i admit, its a sickness… but admitting you have a problem, is the first step towards recovery, yes?


Who doesn’t have a thing for voxel redheads? Or just redheads?


we need to place these froggy’s guys on a huge voxel setpiece, maybe stick the landing shuttle on an existing stonehearth gameworld setpiece?

the image should be 1920 x 1080 so i can set as my desktop background! haha


How’s it going guys! I’ve been AWOL for about a week now but here I am. Any of you still have project files for this silly thread that you’re working on?

I’d be thrilled to see if anything came of that borg cube @voxel_pirate or the replicator farm idea from @y2bcrazy :slight_smile:

Also I LOVE the little borg @jollins posted and the OST guys @Skull24 made :slight_smile:

So many possible things to create :slight_smile: i’m going to have to learn qubicle myself one of these days

Welcome back in this case… I have used the current Qubicle Competition to play around a bit with the Borg-Theme,…

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well then, take a gander at @voxel_pirate’s creation here:smile:

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Hey how are you, I’ve been quite busy recently and haven’t gotten around to completing my models :S

I’m getting to it…soon…i hope…I’ve been doing too much Cube world (trying to complete my list of requests)

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@voxel_pirate @SteveAdamo OMG A NEW TITAN! THATS PERFECT!

Hi @y2bcrazy ! Cool that you’re working on cube world stuff, I remember seeing you featured on your work there is amazing too!

No worries about time or anything like we’re a long ways from beta release or anything like that :slight_smile:

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@voxel_pirate: Great Titan :smiley:

shouldn’t it read "Your qubical … " :wink:


Bumping to find out if any of you awesome voxel warriors are still kicking this idea around :slight_smile:

@zendo It is a nice idea and I am happy to share the .qmo-files I have created for it with whomever wants to make a serious effort to turn this into a working mod. Regarding myself… the list of my mod-ideas is now counting 17 items on it and somehow it is still growing. I have some interesting ideas which I have to try first, prior even thinking about another project :wink:.

I still have a strong interest in this project, I’ve just been busy like a squirrel on the last day of harvest :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh jeez, i figured i’d put this model here :smile:
I’m making a Borg Cube to be 3D printed and i figured we can also use it in game as a massive ship hovering over the land :smiley: what do you think?


resisting to respond is futile…

looks great! perhaps toss in a few of the eerie green lights?

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the shape is epic (i mean the details too not just the square…) like @SteveAdamo said though some green lights would be cool and perhaps tone down the gray for a darker shade?
nice base or titan, depending on if you playing the borg or fighting them.

reminds me of dawn of war dark crusade.