Spofeo´s miscellaneous ideas

So the topfloor have been comming up with some more stuff… And i thought id better write it down here before i forget :smiley:
Edited 17.6.2017 Added Class: Code walker.
Edited 22.2.2017 with two ideas: Transparrent trees and stadium/game.


So we have this coal resource from mining and to be honest, it seems like it is fine. But we only use it for one item…Steelingots? (yea and the arrows…) We have so many fires going on everywhere in the game and it could be great to change coal into fuel as a resource? Then your fuel supply would have a great effect on how you manage your towns, how you choose to play the length of the game?
We might even need that fuel for the end game rocket to leave the planet? Or just open the possibilities for the engineer? hehe :smiley:

But i guess if it would be fuel, we would need coal to be more accessible ? Soo what about charcoal? Might even fit with the potter and the kiln? or just a third workbench/charcoaloven?

Charcoal could be used in some degree by the farmers for soil improvement? Gluemaking by the carpenter? and properly many other things?


One thing that seems so strange in the game, is the wheatbundles… We can make strawbales out of the harvested wheat, but when we use the actual wheatseeds, the straw miraculous disapears? The strawbales is normally the biproduct after the seeds have been seperated?

Then we have the yellowish roofs… i picture them as strawroofs, but they are build out of wood? Would this not be a logical connection to use straws?

What else could be made out of this straw? maybe baskets? weaved by the weaver? Target dummies for the archers? Compost for soil improvements for the farmers? Groundcover to the animals?


So what if these baskets where a talisman? And a new class could emerge from this?

At this point when playing on easy mode, you still need a soldier that you can control to explore the map? What if a gatherer went around the map looking for herbs, berries, silkweed and maybe future items as well? While doing this the heartling would explore the map for the player? Returning with a full basket of mixed resources for the settlement?

Added 24.2.2017: What if the gatherer had a grablinghook? giving the ability to climb terrain levels without ladders?

Transparrent trees

So when in a heavely forested area and fighting enemies or other stuff, it is almost impossible to see what is going on! What if trees for example got transparrent when a heartling or monster was under/behind them? We see all things from a certain angle, it might help with other situations aswell?


Would be great fun to invent a kind of minigame for the heartlings? Like baseball but a brand new kind…(baseball is not what i think of, its just an example of a game) Then the field they can play it on should have some special features for it to work? Just so each player could design the playing field different… In that harry potter univers, they play some kind of strange game, something like that, but just more stoneheartish? Im sure every heartling would enjoy that! :smiley:

Spending gold

In the late game the player ends up with huge amounts of useless gold, even getting rid of items and this gold becomes a struggle. (who would have known that more gold gave more problems…? :wink:)
So if there was some kind of way to spend these fortunes? What i was thinking about is buying land to build on. Or better said, what if there was a gold cost for every square you build on? Maybe it could even be incorperated into the building editor? Some kind of tax to the ruler of the land or to a shrine for the entlings and stonegolems? I bet the goblins would get their eyes on this aswell and try to raid them too! Imagine watching fights or even battles between npc factions, that had nothing to do with you as the player, but would be interactable? Basicly you could interfere in their battle to decide who would get an upper hand? I always enjoy watching the npcs fighting eachother, even though its pure coincident when they do at this point.

Class: Code walker.

So this class could be reserved to only one hearthling per settlement.
The idea is that it is a kind of mage class, but it utilizes the games code to be awesome!
Examples of what i am thinking, please add onto this if you think of something else…

Code jumping: teleports from one place to another (like the console command can) but maybe limited to ten cubes or so?

Eraser: /destroy… Completely destroys an enemy. (this ability should have a very long cooldown or it will be to overpowered.

Manifest: Creates an item out of thin air…or whatever code is made out of? :jubilant:

Reload: Resurects an fallen hearthling with full health.

An idea for a simple outfit:

And the qb file if anyone wants to go with this idea…feel free to do what ever you like with it :slight_smile:

code_walker_tabbard.qb (307.9 KB)

(This spot is just reserved for future thoughts)

All in all, when thinking about multiplayer in the future, the proffessions could make a great way to create a need for players to work together? The more complex the proffesions are, the harder it will be for each player to have them all?
So towns will be more speciallized and trading with others for what you dont have is important?

Thanks for reading fellow heartlings :smiley:


Great ideas @Fornjot. we meet in the stream the other day didn’t we?

The ideas you talked about are creative and logical.
I will try and remember to write more in depths thoughts on them over the weekend. If I don’t respond by Sunday feel free to page me as a reminder.


Thanks @TurtleSquish, yea on the stream my name is Spofeo :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see you and others thoughts about the ideas…


A few thoughts:

Charcoal, as produced by the Potter in the Kiln (I don’t see much use for adding an entirely new workstation for a single resource.) is a good idea. I would suggest charcoal being consumed by the cooks for several grilling recipes, as well as an alternative fuel for the fire-pits. I would also think that coal or charcoal (either) should be usable for smelting metal ingots, instead of wood.

Straw, should be gathered by the farmer from wheat fields, I would think. Or separated from harvested wheat by the cook when milling. Straw should rot like food does.
Some suggestions for uses for straw:

  • New category of thatched roofing, walls, and floors. Using straw in a few different colors (golden wheat, pale wheat, dry-grey, and then greenish moldy variants of these.)
  • Baskets. Produced by weaver, baskets can be placed as furniture for cheap, low level containers.
  • Small Basket - Costs 2 straw, holds 4 objects, 1x1x1 space.
  • Long Basket - Costs 4 straw, holds 8 objects, 1x2x1 space.
  • Large Basket - Costs 8 straw, holds 16 objects, 2x2x1 space.
  • Huge Basket - Costs 16 straw, holds 64 objects, 2x3x2 space.
  • Wicker Furniture. Produced by weaver, a few wicker furniture items can spruce up a room. Comfortable, if creaky. These all have fine versions.
  • Wicker Bed - Costs 12 straw, 2 wood. Counts as a bed.
  • Wicker Chair - Costs 8 straw, 2 wood. Counts as a chair…
  • Wicker Table - Costs 10 straw, 3 wood. Counts as a table.
  • Wicker Dresser - Costs 8 straw, 4 wood. Decorative.
  • Straw Matt - Costs 6 straw. Rug.
  • Straw Wall Hanging - Costs 6 straw. Decorative.
  • Straw hanging planter (variant for each type of herb) - Costs 8 straw, 2 of appropriate herb. Decorative & wall mounted.
  • Tiki torch - Costs 1 wood, 4 straw, 1 charcoal. Floor based light-source (tall)
  • Tiki torch (wall mounted) - Costs 6 straw, 1 charcoal. Wall based light-source (tall)
  • Equipment
  • Straw circlet - Costs 2 straw, Requires Lv 1 cleric to equip, Def +1, Head slot. Light Armor.
  • Wicker Shield - Costs 8 straw, Requires Footman (any level) to equip, Def +1, shield slot. Light Armor.
  • Rantan Armor - Costs 12 straw, Requires Lv 2 Footman, Def +2, Armor Slot. Light Armor, Bonus 10% damage reduction versus arrows.

Thatched roofs… thanks i could not remember what they where called in english :slight_smile:

Awesome ideas you present, and tottaly in line with what i imagined! I love when a simple pitch can make the tiny stream become a river of ideas :heart_eyes:

There’s currently a really simple mod that adds in coal smelting as an alternative for ingots - it’s here (adds an extra recipe for poyo pot pie using corn instead of wheat as well). Could easily be expanded since switching up resources for a recipe is pretty simple.

Thanks for the hint @MaraRose :slight_smile: But its not quite what the idea is aiming at. Also, mods are great, but i focus more on what i would like in the main game?

Bump… two new ideas added :slight_smile:

Updated with new idea on spending gold! :merry:


updated with Code walker class…