Ideas to add to game

more verity to fences out of other mats beside wood -like stone, brick, wire

new zone- Vineyards- Crops that are vine based
New zone-Orchard- fruit trees and trees
new zone-Fishing-place to fish and build docks

new item - compost- to make fertilizer for better crops
New item-fishing pole- hearthling into Fisher men
New item-Mixing bowl- hearthing into Pastry Chief.
New item-Butcher Knife- Hearthling into Butcher.
new item-Shovel- hearthling into Gardner.
new item-Clippers- hearthling into Vineyard Tender.

new item crops- apple tree, pear tree, plum tree, Oak tree, Pine tree,Grape,Hopes,Strawberry,raspberry,Cherry tree,Cherry blooms tree,rice,trout,Bass

new recipes-wire,glass,pumpkin pie,apple pie,scones

Classes- Brewers,Gardner,Pastry Cheif,Butcher,Fisher men,

Fisher men- fish up food
Pastry Chief- make sweets and breads
Butcher-makes meat and jerkey
Vineyard Tender- tends Vineyard and Orchards
Brewers- makes wine and beer
Gardner- Make flower decorations

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All sounds good to me!

I’d LOVE to see vineyards (or a delightfully off-brand similar thing, as is fitting for stoneheath) which would require wood for trellises. Just like the old game Knights and Merchants!

The issue I see with this is that the Cook, Butcher and Pastry Chef will be sharing an almost identical role in the bigger scheme of things. That is advanced food production. It feels tedious to have them separated. Far easier to have them all serve the same function rather than crowd up the UI with similar careers and tasks.

There is already a tree planting system built into the Farmer system, so farmers should still be able to plant orchards and tend to vines. After all it is still farming in the bigger scheme of things.

Fishing has been a feature I have been dying for though… like I have no doubt Radiant will do it at some point but… please :blush:

Also, making food farming reliant on crafting, i.e get wire for vineyard, get glass for bottles, is rather tedious. It is unnecessary for a player to be worrying about those things while he is managing a bunch of other crafters with their own needs as well. Like, what if you needed a smelter to make potions and it cost glass to do it. You wouldn’t be able to level your Herbalist easily, and honestly, he would become a useless class. Not to mention the fact that there are no sand blocks in the game yet.

However, I do like the crafting ideas. More food recipes and crop options will be great!

I was thinking of the wire being made by the engineer and to add the butcher in was more of a way to adumate the killing of your herds of animals and many people like to organize there crops for better look also i would make seence to have those so that you can specialize your farmers

Super late reply but, I am only really questioning the extra processes you are creating for relatively simple tasks. Like, more visually pleasing, or varied layout of crops is always welcome :smiley: but creating tedious steps just makes it unfun.

Out of them all, I think the only two added should be Brewer/Fishers. Cooks/Farmers can do the other jobs.

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I agree with others who have already said that many of these roles could be taken on by existing classes. Butchery can still be done by shepherds or given to cooks instead, vineyards and orchards can be worked by farmers, and pastries can be made by cooks who reach a high enough level. I also think the herbalist might be a good choice for making flower decorations.

That said, I’d love to see fishers and brewers as new classes. While brewing could be done by cooks, and fishing could maybe? make sense for trappers, I prefer the idea of separate classes for them. Fishers who level up could gain the ability to catch better/more fish, and learn to make and use different kinds of fishing equipment. Brewers could learn how to make new kinds of beverages and gain the ability to “enhance” them (with flowers, or by combining them with herbalist potions, perhaps?) to give hearthlings different buffs or simply to improve their moods. Maybe bottles could be made by the potter? They could be ceramic bottles instead of glass.

Both classes could be new branches on existing job trees. Brewers could be promoted from farmers, and fishers could be promoted from trappers.

i like that idea and may seem weid but i am starting to agree with what the other are saying