Spiros roman mod


i dont know what to write -.- . I make a small mod, and its not in a good state, but it works :slightly_smiling :slight_smile:

v: 0.1.1
Spiros_Roman_mod.zip (70.5 KB)

it contains:
– Legionaer helmet
– Praetor helmet
– a gladius (yeah its more a Sparta sword)
– Scutum shield
– Lorica Sigmentata
– Lorica Sigmentata with Cape


nice!Like this style of equipment

footmen: failure in the manifest :wink: footmanfootman_outfit … there is a / missing ^^
locales: some missing in the en.json - like armor : or an , ^^

ok there must be more ^^

so now footman wear a red tunika with a β€œsmall” eagle on his chest

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@spiro how did you implement replacement outfit for footman?
i had even copied your work and still cant figure out.

with this one, you can find it in the Manifest.
there i replace the original outfit with mine.

"overrides": {
        "stonehearth/jobs/footman/footman_outfit": "Spiros_Roman_mod/jobs/footman/footman_outfit/"

I replace the whole folder.
you can see at the Outfit.json, that i dont change it, maybe if i think about it, this whole json file is useless in this place… So it should work with, overriding the original model with your model.

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i fixed the names of the Objects.
Also the Receptnames are now correkt :slightly_smiling:

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