The Spartans Faction


Hey guys, have a look of my Spartans.


Warrior Outfits:


Weapons and Shields:


those helmets are beautiful! but what about trying with faces visible underneath?

looks spot on though… :+1:


Sure, take a look.

Kinda looks as if they are peeking out but it makes them look angry as well.


A few thoughts…

  1. Add some shading and color variation to the armor, especially the helmet. Just one flat color is not exactly the most pleasing thing to look at.
  2. Spartans don’t wear pants, silly. They would normally wear a bronze chest plate with no holes, just one flat piece that show forged ‘muscles’ to be more intimidating. They also wore a simple toga bottom.
  3. Most Spartan warriors also had a crest on their helmet (though not always), but you’ve got them modeled already so that’s good.I would suggest making the metal that the feathers connect to thinner though, to make it ‘pop’ a little bit more.
  4. Ignore critiques 2 and 3 if you don’t really care if its realistic or not.
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Amazing work my friend and Welcome to the Forums @DJ_Astro I haven’t said that to you yet.

Well I changed the chestplate and shaded in all the armour so have a looky!



Weapons & Shield:

I may not add the crests as they look a little weird for my liking, so ranks for these aren’t ready just yet.


Nice. I’m really liking the design on the chestplate. Only question is, what will it look like zoomed out. Will we still be able to see it clearly? Or will it blend in too much?


Does this answer your question? :smile:


he looks great zoomed out… “reads” well… and those abs are almost as impressive as my own…

@RoseyNineOneOne had some excellent advice though… i love the helmet design, but adding some color variations (shades) will make it look even better… :+1:


Yeah, it looks like it works well. also, I second @SteveAdamo’s statement. Perhaps try increasing the contrast between the shades of the plumes, so that they can be seen clearer from this distance?

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You lost me at plumes… Lol.

Ok guys, here is the better helmets this time in their Crap to Badass ranks.

And as you can see, I shaded them :smile:

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Wow good job
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That’s the real achievement here

The real challenge is to animate them, the part where one of the Persians run into the spartan, and the spartan lifts him by the shield over his head.

Hey guys, new spartan workers here for you to enjoy!


bald pates and rippling abs… @Geoffers747 would be proud… :smile:

both excellent “minimalist” models… well done!


Agreed. Although the pectoral muscles look like they’re too high up on the body… Have you tried moving them and the abs down one voxel to see if it looks any better?

I second this motion

I’m afraid those pecs do look like boobs…

sure… they could be dropped down 1 voxel, and widened 1 as well… a 4-pack is just as intimidating as a 6-pack anyways… :smile:

Tbh I like the original but here is what it looks like 1 vox down and made the guy stop working out daily and made him eat more food so his pecs got ummm… lower…

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