Specific ways to add the feeling of exploration into the game and greatly enhance gameplay

Firstly i would like to say i would like to say i relay like the game. it feels like it’s the game that i have been searching for for years. but it feels like its lacking any kind of exploration. by this i dont mean like exploring huge vast landscape with your hearthlings but say, have there more of a reward from taking down camps. say like, rare items that cant be crafted like a sword that burns/freezes like the quivers do or heals the knight when it’s used, and better outfits for all classes. schematics for traps, turrets, weaker enchanted weapons, and cool furniture/statues would be cool too. or even ores that are used for crafting top tier items. also finding straight up coins in the camps would be awesome as no item really feels rare or special when found and the only real bonus to taking down camps it to defend your town.

on other notes i would also like to say that when the map expands (if you guys are adding that feature) i would realy like there to be big hostile camps there on hard and/or normal. like dungeons to clear or something but normal camps will be fine too, so that soldier can feel like heros taking down camp and bring back big loot/coins and make the town feel rich, just at a risk.
(a hero class would be cool too, requires a level 6 knight and can only get the item from taking down dungeons but i understand the amount of work it would be to implement so i will be fine leaving that to the modders)

on a side note i would also like crops to grow slower on hard just so starvation is more of an issue other then 1 farmer being able to cover a village of 20 people with 4 11x11 fields.

Other then that i am really happy with the game.

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I side with you on the dungeons idea, but getting heroes into this seems out of line.


yeah i agree with that. its why i said leave it to the modders.