Exploration and going outside the town limits

So I had some ideas for exploration so here they are.

By that I don’t mean rocks on the surface with ore, I mean randomly generated areas with larger amounts of ore.
Workers that go over the area will notify you that they found an ore node (I have no other word for it).
Ore nodes have a large amount of one resource, but small amount of other resources. This would be cool because you could go exploring and set up little mines and stuff. I think it also would be cool if magic stones could be obtained in ore nodes for wizards and monster summoning (maybe?)

For exploration I think there should be a new class, the scout (which gets promoted to an explorer with a horse (I am assuming a lot in this post) and a hunter knife).
They would explore the land automatically if you tell them, or you can directly command them like footmen.
They would harvest fruit and set up camps at night time to survive. Explorers would be like scouts, but they would also hunt and they would be faster.

You mean like the existing ore veins?
There’s ore chunks that can be seen on the mountains and if you start to mine there you often end up on a bigger motherlode of that specific ore :confused:

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I meant on normal ground

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I see. I wonder if we can get those to appear on the ground too. I think the configuration is probably in json, so it would be moddable at least :confused: