Prospector & Miner Professions

As others have mentioned getting the right ores/resources from mining seems quite challenging at the moment.

A possible solution to this is a Prospector profession who will go out and locate ore veins for you. As the profession levels you could perhaps instruct them about what type of ore you’re looking for and they could check deeper in to the rock without mining as they level. Prospectors could claim/mark veins of ore on the Map.

An advancement on this profession could be Miner. A miner could be instructed to Mine a particular vein of ore. Once they get more advanced they could be asked to mine a particular ore type and then just go to the right vein to get it (a nice way to order your ore requirements). Perhaps a climbing ability would be good on miners too.

Both professions would need a speed boost as they’re likely to go to more remote locations and some sort of survivability boost as they could encounter hostile creatures when they are far away from the base.

If it’s all too hard then never mind, but to me on the surface these seem like good ideas. :smile:


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