Special Moments

So I have a few of those special moments in the game that make you smile, cringe or cry. Well maybe not so much cry but defiantly cringe lol.

Finishing my Blacksmith house was a special one for me.


I adore how everything turned out. Not only is it blacksmith but also the mason area as well. Anything dealing with stone is in this area. Thus the reason why I picked the grey and red combo for everything


hey there @Simica_Na … welcome aboard! :smile:

I absolutely love what you’ve done with the place… :wink:

but seriously, that is one cozy looking blacksmith’s house… nice work! :+1:


Thanks for the welcome!

I know it isnt the most fancy build around not like some of the other peoples. But I am keeping it simple at the moment. I will soon have some more pictures lol


bigger isn’t always better! :smile:

it’s the little touches and attention to detail that I really appreciate … looking forward to see more of your builds … :+1:


Well since I lost everything in the last patch ( not that I couldnt quickly remake it if I wanted. lol) I have been working on another project.


Working on adding depth to it. It has not been an easy task by any means lol


So after many pain stacking hours. Probably more than what should have been. c.c


within the cube I will be adding some lamps for a glow effect. with all luck that is lol

will add more lights to it later


thats amazing! though i cant say i know where its from… or did you just design it yourself and its not actually from something else…

I am completely jealous of how great that ginormous statue looks, and that you even managed to get it built. It’s very amazing :open_mouth:

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Can we get a tutorial or a how to? It looks like a water themed angel that demands the other element’s versions

looselt based off the respawn angel from cube world. i made alterations etc.

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i could probably do a layer by layer images to show the size and everything. as well as I saved it at a building too. it is 49 blocks high. lol

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Layer by layer images would be amazing.

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Yah when I get home I will do that. And I will make a seperate thread for it. :smiley:

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So apparently the layer slicing mechanic doesnt work as I thought it did in the game. And I honestly spent so many hours I dont even know where I would start on each layer xD.

I wonder if we are allowed to upload the json template file and share designs on the site that way?

of course :smile:

though the file might be to large for the discourses file size limit, if thats the case feel free to toss it up onto dropbox, googledrive, or whatever your preffered file sharing site is, and then just provide the link so everyone can download it.

oh awesome! is there a designated thread for that?

nope,most people just toss it up in their own thread. eventually (i think) its planned that stonhearth.net will have its own place for the community to upload templates, but for now people just upload em here.

ahh ok, perfect to know. thank you so much! I have a few ideas of some things I want to do. so this will help. thank you again!

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[quote=“Simica_Na, post:18, topic:16550”]
thank you again!
[/quote]no problemo mate, i’m here to help :smile:…huh… i say that way more then i care to mention…

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