Spawning only in Visual range

I love this game but this Spawning where ever they want system is really a turn off for me. What fun is it to create Walls,Castles and so forth when they spawn within them.

Hey there @Bainin. please remember to follow the guidelines and watch your language, keep it family friendly.

As for Goblins spawning within your “territory,” I know it has been discussed before, but I am not seeing anything at the moment. Going to page @sdee who does the campaign development. If I see what I am looking for, I will merge this there…

Im not nativ english is turn off that bad of its considered not family friendly?? Its not only Goblins i mean all Types of enemys.

@Bainin, the word I removed from your first post is considered a swear to some people. It does not translate to “turn off.”