Spark Rising (Voxel Battle Game)

I thought this project firggin’ awesome. Voxel battle arena with modding and other awesome stuff :stuck_out_tongue: YES!
They have even released a prototype build for public access.

I think this game has a lot of potential and would love to see it funded!

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Where can I pick up the public build?

It’s in the updates tab, it’s just a fly around but I found it pretty cool.

That looked amazing. And it was another Qubicle user! Wants wants wants

i caught wind of this through our Twitter feed (saw the tweet from @Tim at minddesk)… i dunno, wasnt all that impressed in the first few minutes of the video…

perhaps i’ll take another look… i dont know if im just not seeing it, but here’s a direct link to the campaign page

I backed it, looks awesome.

The amount of Kickstarters on this forum have broken me… Seriously Im broke

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You might want to have a look at these games too which are currently developed with the help of Qubicle:

What do you say about those games? Curious about some feedback.

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By the way: how do you prevent that the video is auto inserted into the post?

@Tim You have to add it as a text-link, so highlight a few words you have wrote and add the hyperlink “on top”. If you post it as a stand-alone text in your post, discourse will display it.

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There was a thread for Castle Breakers…it got pretty good reviews (I think), if not many…

Discoverie looks quite cool, although I’m not really sure what you do…maybe I should download it and see…

I like most of the artwork in LOD, however it feels like there’s a bit too much. I mean there’s so many enemies. And including Egyptian stuff in a medieval game but only a little bit? Hmmm. I think @Smith might like it though, he mentions that things are powered by steam or magic, and mostly steam.

p.s. am I right in thinking Castle Breakers supports Windows and Linux but not Mac? Bit unusual…

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Whoa! That’s really cool

Thanks for the feedback @Smokestacks.
Discoverie was made in seven days at the 7dfps. You collect keys and try to escape an randomly generated cave. I like the colors and atmosphere a lot.

The LOD images don’t show in-game footage. I have no idea yet how it will look like when it’s ready. I follow this project for quite some time now and the designer has made a very big step design-wise. I am very curious how this project evolves.

The developer has dropped the macos support for now because he wanted to reduce the amount of money he needs to collect from kickstarter. But yes, you are probably right, Linux support and no MacOS support is unusual.


What a pleasant surprise to see my game Spark Rising mentioned here on Stonehearth! Especially since I love their game having backed it on KS:)

I figured I’d chime in with some more fun news.

We just announced that we created a Minecraft Import Tool for our game. I spent so many months creating stuff in Minecraft that I wanted to see how I could take that and put it into our game to set them into big battles. I just uploaded a video about it here.

Not to mention, we’re also going to support the Qubicle file format so you can take your creations from that software and import it into our game.

Basically, we want to make it easy for people to share voxel content.

Anyways, if you guys like our game concept, we could sure use support on our Kickstarter. We still got 2 weeks to go, and still need more than 50% more to reach our goal!


well welcome aboard @johnmasterlee! :smile:

hopefully we can send some traffic your way… best of luck on the campaign! :+1:


Thx! Fun crowd here, so I always enjoyed seeing what cool stuff the community created with Qubicle, especially that we now support it as well in Spark Rising.

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indeed… there are some serious voxel wizards among the ranks here…

it looks like you added alpha access to the $10 tier… nice move, should hopefully drive more pledges, and get you to your objective! :+1:

This kickstarter looks awesome and kind of like stonehearth with a awesome concept, too bad it’s not getting too much recognition go check it out Here I really want too see this already donated :smiley:

Then check out people’s responses here:smile:

Oh Steeeeeeve! (I’d say you too @Geoffers747, but you know how @SteveAdamo gets when he doesn’t get his daily merge :godmode:)

in other words, there has already been a spark rising thread, I remember it.