Kickstarter - Castle Breakers (more Qubicle creations!)

Smash your way across a 3D pixellated world of fantasy adventure in this retro inspired, arcade action/rpg mashup!

just saw this on Twitter, and thought we should share the love for more developers working with Qubicle… :+1:

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Breakout: Super Fantasy RPG Edition!
Because we couldn’t decide out of a Breakout clone and a Zelda Final Fantasy clone so we made them have children!


Just what thoughts came to my head. Nothing to see here.

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Mmmm, really cool idea to turn Breakout 3D, add timing your swing to the mix and set it in a medieval fantasy land, really really nice idea for a game.

Plus, the first time I’ve seen Qubicle spheres :smile:

hmm… forgot all about this until i saw a tweet from @QBCL… it looks like the campaign is floundering, but they intend to revive it later?

there is a playable prototype out now though…