Some Roleplaying Elements

I’m sure the team is already knee deep in features to add to the game. However, there is something I’d be interested in seeing. Heck, even if someone wants to help me mod it in, that’d be great. I have no idea how to mod for games like this, but I’ve always wanted to implement something.

To the point however…I’d like to see some interesting Roleplaying features in Stonehearth. I understand that they want us to create our own stories and lore. The best way would be to actually make each citizen truly important. Here are some interesting features.

  • Adding in a Citizen view menu. For current and perhaps past citizens. Within it you can see information about their lives and accomplishments. Heck, maybe even edit a small back story.
  • Custom Unique equipment. Let’s say a blacksmith creates a sword that is unique to others, like a modifier was added due to a lucky craft. Have a prompt come up letting you know, and allowing you to name the weapon. Perhaps if you find a Unique weapon in a ruin, you can name it something special, or it can have a random name.
  • These items are one of a kind, so perhaps in your past/current Heroes screen you can see “Burt, wielder of Leg Splitter” and see small tracked stats of the weapon, giving it a true legacy and history.

I have many more ideas. I just feel like small fluff like this can add so much to a world. I’d love to look back after a local hero has perished and see his life story. With small text references like this, it can craft such a beautiful tale. It can paint the picture of who this hero was, what he was known for, and the small or large things he accomplished in life.

That, would seriously make this game for me.

So whether the Devs add it in, or someone just wants to work together and craft a mod up with me for the game. It would truly make for an epic tale.


hi @Zietes … welcome aboard! :smiley:

you may find this thread interesting… as the topic seems in line with what you are describing…

as for your other two ideas, i think you have precisely nailed what the (baked in) modding system will let folks like you put together, with hopefully very little effort… :wink:

I’m looking forward to seeing the modding system. Hope it is not to hard to learn, since as I said, no experience with .lua or anything! :smiley:

I agree with this post very very much. I love writing little backstories for characters in games like this, and I love making my own little pieces of history and lore to just pat into the ring around the bricks in such a well crafted story.

Also hoping to implement something along those lines for runestones in my Norse mod. I like the idea of a skald composing a song or writing sagas documenting the lives of notable heroes who have risen and fallen.


The first idea, from a civilization point of view (not an individuals) is what I want to try to design as a mod, exactly. However, this would not include stories about single settlers but about events happening in and around your city.