Stonehearth Through the ages (not what it sounds like)

Just wondering (i mentioned this somewhere else)

Would it be possible to add something awesome to the game? like having the game prgoress tech wise?

What i mean is, when you start a new game, you can only build out of wood/stone… then you have to unlock a tech jump to be able to build/create metal items/more valuable/strengthened items (you could do this by haveing a set number of hearthlighs/a certain building/certain net worth/trading with the goblins for recipes etc)

And then get to where you can evventually build guns/ or other stuff like machines which will help you mine/harvest/log better, or maybe even help with building (like craines etc)

Maybe this would be too hard to code at this stage? but something similar would be awesom i think

who agrees?


it’s a great idea, but i personally feel like that would make it look an awefull lot like games like age of empires…


and to be honest, thats where i got the idea from :stuck_out_tongue: i LOVED that game… but you are absolutely right, stonehearth is STONEHEARTH still think something similar would be awesom though :smile:

it’s fun but still I think it would lose the cosy feel it has now… :s
But i’m quite positive one day when the game’s further developped there’ll be some modder who’ll look for some ppl and invest time in a mod like this. Just to give the possibility of making it look and playable like what you propose. :smiley:

@Barney324 the problem with the idea is that Stonehearth isn’t historical. it seems to be in a medieval time period, but being as most things are “iconic” it would not be easy to add progression. Another problem is that Team R would need to add an obsolete engine. For example the footman would lose all “footmanness” after guns were invented. My third and final problem is that it would make “Stonehearth” have an “end” once you got to modern age, or potentially a bit into the future.

The idea is a good one, however it may not be suitable to Stonehearth. Right now there is a small amount of “progression” as you go longer you unlock new receipts which in a way is age progression. I honestly love game with progression (i. e. Anno 1404) but it simply wouldn’t fit in the parameters of Stonehearth. (in my opinion anyway)


and that is a fair and valid point (which i agree with myself)

It was just an idea to make the game more… beefy???

but yes, i would love to see what Radiant have in store, the actual reason why i suggested this (to quote…)

I never knew about that, i thought what you see is what you get with the crafting workshops :slight_smile: this topic can now be closed

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Nah I don’t think it deserves such a cruel fate, I am only one opinion and I know there are some good arguers on the discourse who could fight your side no problem. As a matter of fact I could ‘break’ some of my points personally, except I would be confused as a schizophrenic person lol

Not to mention its good to keep these in the “archives” ready for later discussion if it ever comes up.


hahaha lol, and i know nothing was intended by that remark, but i will explain why i jump from post to post like a crazy person

I have autism just so that everyone understands :wink:

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Well, you can think of the tech progressing in a different way…

  • Tech Level 1: Carpenter is wood crafting, low tech fun.
  • Tech Level 2: Mason is Stone crafting tech level
  • Tech Level 3: Blacksmith has his own mini tech tree that ranges from bronze to steel.
  • Tech Level 4?: The Magma Smith and whatever really cool stuff he makes
  • Tech Level 5?: Then you eventually will be able to make the Engineer and he’ll have all sorts of fun gadgets and gizmos (We can only imagine where Radiant will take the engineer)

So, you’ll get more and more intricate tech levels that can somewhat equate to ages. Just not in such a dramatic fashion as changing from the “Stone Age” to the “Bronze Age” etc.


I think the modding community is really planning to pursue this sort of idea (periodic/historical progression), once more of the basic gameplay platform is built out. Why don’t we wait and see what they come up with?


I think we already have some other thread that discusses this topic… :confused:

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I’ll try to find it, here’s what i found that could be related New mod Industrial mod
but this isn’t really the way @Barney324 tought of it. This is just added not unlocked… Prolly @SteveAdamo can find it better than I can xD

Although not strictly “through the ages”, I do like the idea of some sort of industrial revolution inside of Stonehearth, complete with automation, electricity and maybe even trains.


i’m quite positive once the game has progressed more there will be modders out there interested so xD

and yet, it is much more enthralling to discuss these things as if they should go into the actual game.