Like age for the game

You start whit like cave men and like stone age animals they to bronze age and so on till you get to like the future age and maybe other people in the camping to make like wars.And as you advance you get better weapons and if you evolve you still have the last age stuff but you have to make new and better weapons.

I kile those type of games but it would not fit stonehearth. Stonehaerth is a different gametype where this mecanisme would not fit in.

It would also mean redesign the whole game mecanics and how the game works. Adding thia would mean you would make a different game.

This is ofc my opinion but it would take big part of what stone hearth makes stonehearth away.

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Thats ok just there is not a lot of games like this

I think this sort of thing is already in the game, for me at least, but not as a purposeful way to level through the ages by any means. For example you shouldn’t have access to an engineer before blacksmith, and blacksmith before carpenter. And shouldn’t have access to steel before iron, etc. This is pretty much already implemented into the game as a means of progression alongside immersion and I presume roleplaying. Though I will say it is somewhat subtle in it’s own lovely way that this acts as a way of progression not only gameplay wise but also technologically.

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