Some ideas for tammed animals

pet beds: crafted by the carpenter.
level 6 needed
1 bolt of cloth, 2 thread, 1 wood, 2 wool

training ball: crafted by the tailor.
level 4 needed
1 leather, 2 thread, 1 wool
the ball would act like a crafting station for pets. after so long they would help gather things

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I expected battle chickens.

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while that would be amusing but would be a waste of food and egg makers :smiley_cat:

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Honestly, I would like to see something akin to automated egg hopper nests. Like your chickens will go to the nest to lay its egg and its auto deposited into the container.

Same thing for any future milk producing animals.

Ontop of that a function that allows you to set it so your shepherds will automatically harvest your animals for meat once the count of animals in a selected pasture reaches the set threshold.

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that’s not a bad idea…
or at least have the shepard(s) cut wool/kill/ ect and pick the stuff up that they killed, bring back to a stockpile then go kill more /harvest more

Yes please, I left stonehearth on all night and woke to find almost a city of sheep and chickens walking around : ). Auto-butchering would be nice - as long as they are maintaining their numbers. Maybe it could be a setting somewhere… but having it done automatically makes sense to me as well.