Some fixes before Alpha 9

Personally I can not wait till Alpha 9 and what it will bring to this game.

But right now i cant even get to day 15 without my saves not working or the game just not working properly.

Once they add combats update and all the fun stuff with Alpha 9 we will need more time in game to test and enjoy everything!

I hope the get the 64 bit version in before then and also work on some of the path finding issues.

Radiant is on the right track with this game and i have very high hopes for the game, just wish i can play the game without it crashing and the saves not working.

On that note i know its alpha and what it entails! I play test lots of different EA games. I just feel these bugs prevent me from building vast towns and armies to crush those goblins :smiley:


Not to nitpick, lol. We are officially still in Alpha 7. It’s dev releases before Alpha 8, which is focusing on combat. Alpha 8 is just around the corner (couple of weeks or less).

But yeah I hope they get the crashes fixed and saves fixed soon.


I say Alpha 9 because on the dev stream on thursday they said alpha 8 was pretty much in the bag. But i do hope these are fixed in the alpha 8 release :smiley:

Yeah I get it, I debated on deleting the reply. It sounded harsh. But i didnt want ya think we are officially in Alpha 8 yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Fair enough :smiley: Im not easily offended :stuck_out_tongue: