Solved: Anyone know why the town progression quest wont start?


some of you might know im working on another kingdom project but i have hit a snag. for some reason, the town progression campaign just wont start. (in the quest browser it keeps loading but doesnt show up as a questline propperly)

can anyone a bit more knowledgable about quests than me take a a look?
acording to bruno i put something in a circle but just cant spot it.
(copied the quest stuff from ascendency, change kingdom requirement)




I think I found it. It’s in the manifest. In line 12 you go:

"data:gm_index": "file(data/gm/gm_index.json)"

then in line 57 do a mixinto like this:

"stonehearth/data/gm/gm_index.json": "remus_followers:gm_index"

while it should go like this:

"stonehearth/data/gm/gm_index.json": "remus_followers:data:gm_index"

I think there should be a complaint in stonehearth.log about remus_followers:gm_index alias missing.


you are a genius, that should be it! testing now!


yep that was it! was starting at it too much and looked over it, thanks pawel!