Soldiers not fighting AI, unlisted militia fights during town alert mode - 2955

Soldiers do not fight automatically nearby units or building. Clerics for some reason remain aggressive as they were before but the rest seem to stand there taking hits. Some soldiers wander off on their own and do not respond to manual commands immediately. All non-combat units fight any enemies on the map during town alert mode. It wasn’t like this for me during 2951.

Probably related Engine Error:

develop-2955 (x64)
stonehearth/ai/observers/find_target_observer.lua:197: attempt to index local ‘target’ (a nil value)
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
stonehearth/ai/observers/find_target_observer.lua:197: in function ‘_update_highest_scored_target’
stonehearth/ai/observers/find_target_observer.lua:152: in function ‘_update_all_target_scores’
stonehearth/ai/observers/find_target_observer.lua:243: in function ‘_on_grid_location_changed’
stonehearth/ai/observers/find_target_observer.lua:253: in function ‘_changed_cb’
radiant/modules/filtered_trace.lua:12: in function <radiant/modules/filtered_trace.lua:7>

Yes, my observation is that this behavior became more evident due to the latest patch. The Devs work very hard at fixing these issues and should have a fix for it soon. Its usually the case of optimizing something on one spot that has an effect on another.

One thing I like about this game is how active the developers are with the community.

Oh indeed. I’ve been refreshing like crazy the main website today for an update on bugs. The new enemies provided quite an addicting challenge. I hope they’ll make the game even harder (or easier, as long as there’s something fresh). For the time being, the game is rather annoying to play through the bugs.

Also I think I just had too many Hearthlings (27) that the engine couldn’t handle all the pathings and actions in the game. I slowed the game down to speed 1 or 2 and it works. But now the games moves too slow for my liking.