So, here's a Few Annoying Bugs

Opening Shops causes UI Bug: So I was about to wrap up my game when suddenly Rufus Garrow comes knocking about wanting to sell me his stone. I clicked on the notification, just to sell off some shields before saving and hopping off, when suddenly an error pops up, and Rufus’ shop appears empty. I’m unable to sell or buy anything, and just a couple of seconds later I get the Daily Update message. I try to click it, get the three checks, yet I’m unable to click accept. I can only exit out of it. I attempt to reopen the notifications, which works, and attempt clicking the daily update to re-accept my new member. Well nothing happens. I attempt to click Rufus Garrow, see if I can close him out of my notifications, nothing. And not a moment later and the game auto-saves which brings me to the next bug. I attempted to take a screen shot showing the error, but steam only showed the game minus the UI, and as a back up I attempted to use the PrtSc button only to find my desktop instead of the game on the screenshot.

Saves not appearing/loading correctly: Ok so this one’s a bit weird. First off, when I’m at the start screen and I attempt to load the save on the top of the list, the game loads to a point or not at all and takes me back to the radiant logo, as if I somehow restarted the game. Also, any saves that were made after an Auto-save don’t appear. The Auto-saves are always on top, and never let a save that occurred after it appear, even after deleting the auto-save and any other unwanted save files from my saved_games file on steam. The game also has a weird knack for remembering saves. I’m unsure if this is normal, but I attempted to trick the game by copying/pasting the save files I wanted to load into a different file, yet the game remembered the old save files which were there instead of the new one.

Hearthlings sitting by peaceful goblin firepit die: Ok so I’ve seen that there’s been several problems with footmen and other hearthlings dying when going near goblin firepits after defeating the goblins or whatnot. However, I decided to go the peaceful route, for now, and simply give in to the goblins demands whilst I build up my town. Well, I started building a wall against a lake near the Goblin camp and one night a pair of workers went by the camp and took a sit rest next to the green fire. Next thing I know I’m hearing the sound of someone taking damage and suddenly “Makarov Dreyar has died” pops up. I look around, and find my other worker, Wendy Marvell, sitting next to the goblin firepit, taking damage and not seeming to care, and she dies as well.

Pets keep eating: So my trapper just tamed a squirrel a few minutes ago, and all the sudden its hungry. At first I thought this was normal, because everybody else was beginning to become hungry too. So I ignore it, and simply go to look at all the work that’s needing to be done. Soon all the little chicken leg thought bubbles disappear except for one. The squirrel just keeps eating, and eating, and eating, and eating, until I forcibly stop it by releasing the glutton.

I’ll attempt to get screenshots of the bugs by recreating the situations as best as I can, though with the saved games bugging out, I’m not sure how far back the game’s going to want to push me, so it may take a while.