Error when opening shop dialog

A notification that a food trader had arrived popped up. When I clicked on it, an error window popped up.

@SteveAdamo @Relyss need to embed a screenshot.

First time it’s happened to me, but I had a caravan turn up and when I clicked the icon to show his store, I got an error. This resulted in the store window being empty and most elements on the screen freezing (I could still click through the toolbar in the bottom middle, but that was about it). Using F5 fixed the problem.

This was another situation where I was playing in 2x speed.

stonehearth.log (40.7 KB)

Hi @Telarin and @Tuhalu
I’m looking into this right now. I’ve been trying to reproduce it, but I haven’t been able to get it yet. I’ve got a few questions to ask as I try to narrow it down.
Do you remember anything else from when the error occurred? Eg. did you click on the trade icon as soon as it showed up or did you wait a little? Also, did the error happen on the shore window showing up or as the store window was closing? Were there any other UI errors that happened before the shop error (even UI errors that happened much earlier in the game)? And finally, have you seen this bug in the latest release?

Thank you for reporting this!

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I’m afraid I can’t add to much to my original post.

I can’t remember for sure how quickly I clicked the message, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t need to open up the event window to access it.

The error happened as soon as I clicked through to the store window.

I don’t remember any other error messages popping up previously. I was trying to make some interesting shaped buildings to see what broke, but they were doing fine.

I have not seen this bug in the latest release, but this is the only time I remember personally seeing it at all.

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I think I’ve got at least one way to get this to happen.
Do you remember if you opened any dialogs through the bulletin list window? (the window you get when you click the yellow !)
If you get the little notification alert for the shop, but then you open the dialog through the list of bulletins (from clicking ! button), the notification alert is still there. Then, if you click the notification alert, you’ll get the error. I’m fixing that one now. Let me know if you run into another way to get this to happen.



i had totally forgot about that one! it must have just slipped my mind when i mentally noted not to repeat those steps :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

P.S. i like your profile pick, @yshan :smile:

Thank you! It’s my dog, Patches :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure it didn’t happen that way for me. I clicked the notification alert and it errored out like that. After I tried everything else, I pressed F5 to reload the UI and then used the bulletin list to load the store window. Could I even use the bulletin list if I’d already used it and then clicked the alert?

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yes, as the “alert” doesnt disappear until you exit the shop by clicking the X in the corner

Hmmmm there’s probably other ways to get it to happen. My fix prevents the game from trying to show the same bulletin twice, which produces the error you posted. Hopefully that will catch all these other cases of dialog errors too. But there’s always a chance I didn’t fix all the ways it can happen, so let me know if you see this again after my fix is released.
Thanks again for helping me with this issue.


No worries. It’s possible that I got the bug in the way described. Normally I don’t have the bulletin dialog open until I fail to click a notification, but I was concentrating more on the process of building. So I could well just be misremembering things. Anyway, a bug was squished, so it’s all good :smile: