Crafting menu keeps popping up and going away

Summary: herbalist crafting menu and other window randomly pops up

Steps to reproduce:

  1. [Not exactly sure but…] have herbalist crafting menu up {keep open}
  2. Wait for random trader to show up and click the notification to view what there selling Keep open}
  3. Wait for town update and click the notification to view, accept new citizen…{done}

Expected Results: after step three all windows closed on my game and all was normal, moments later the old widows started popping back on screen randomly. have video of glitch [check link]

Actual Results:



Version Number and Mods in use: 1.0 No mods

System Information:

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Thanks for the bug report! We’ll look into it.


Hope the video is helpful and if you need the game file i still have it

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In the meantime, if you press F5 to reload the UI, does the problem go away?

After 30 minutes of game play all seems to be working fine. Will update if bug reappears. Thank you!