Slacking voxels

@xSlacker very much enjoying your work here, very much

Click render settings and then choose max. It will then set the render to the size of your window.

@xSlacker nice work :smiley:

Will that fix the problem that Qubicle makes an incomplete Turntable?
As in it might turn 180 decrees then it resets, not making a full turn… :confused:

@Newf and thank you. :slight_smile:

Latest creation:

A Paladin kind of character.
Also note that I added “Kawaii-Desu-Ne” style eyes, lol.


Nice armor. Are you planning on adding any design/insignia to it, or did you try and it didn’t fit.

I didn’t try that… Might add some shield or something…
Or maybe just a Cross…

EDIT: Just experimented, and I can’t fit anything on the armor.
I guess the sulotion is to either to replace the Body Armor with a Tabard/Coat-of-Arms or have a Cape. :slight_smile:

love the armor. really love the sword… and while the eyes are very well done, i have grown very fond of @Tom’s… the units eyes… not his own…


It works now :P, although you probably know that now

Yeah I found it out. x)

Hey xSlacker, do you have the armor and weapon files? I’d love to add this to my game. Sadly, I suck with Qubicle 2. T_T

Sorry… They are gone with the wind. :confused:

You can try to find something here…

Thank you Pirate, I’ll look. xSlacker, you do awesome work, I wonder if I might have your ear sometime and make a request? If not, no time, no worries. :slight_smile:

Maybe sometime in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for my like spam on the old posts moved here. Looking forward to seeing new models!

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Added a new thing in the OP. :slightly_smiling:


Sorry for double post, but I added a new model to the OP.
A new tank!

New tank!
The “Swift Scout”,a fast Light Tank.