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So…to start, I’m not the best at designing buildings. So bare with me on how rough this is.

Hearthling Hotel

Designed by accident, this hotel offers room for more people that your computer can support! Includes 3 suites, as well as a courtyard. Not to mention, it breaks your path-finding like the lamp you “claim” you didn’t break as a kid, but in so many ways, that this hotel isn’t even usable! Thus before I finished it with furnishings and a roof, I thought I’d show it off and design something new and more open.


who cares… its quite lovely!

hooray for symmetry! :smile: :+1:


I admit, I have always been a sucker for symmetrical architecture (specifically in voxel-based games).

This is awesome! And is that a courtyard I see in the middle? Great work :smile:

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As @SteveAdamo said, it’s lovely! I love to see what can be accomplished at this stage of the game, imagine what you can do when Alpha 10 releases with the new building tools!


Originally I wanted this to be 3 stories tall, and be a central hotel for all my hearthlings. But I stopped at this point because I noticed that they won’t go through double doors to get somewhere. So if I can’t have a double set of doors…


I’ve been anxiously waiting for A10… i’m hoping to use it to kick off a new LP…

cant wait to crack open the new building tools! :+1:


I’m guessing you used the “erect walls” command for this floor plan (for the outer/main walls)? I know it’s a pain, but what if you try drawing every single wall out by hand, then building the floors around them? I did it before with the Fort Lias Cathedral for the corner bedrooms, and the hearthlings seemed to use the rooms and beds fine. Somehow, the individual wall plan doesn’t mess up the pathfinder with “internal” doors, I believe.

See if it works for you! I might try and do a little experimenting myself this weekend, see if I can’t come up with a new project myself.

Actually, I did 3 different wall constructions here. I first mapped out the entire building, placing stone floors where the interior walls were going to be. I then generated the exterior walls, but didn’t click build yet. From there, I used the erase tool and removed the stone floors where the interior hallway walls would be. From there, I free handed the interior walls, and built them first.

From there, I then went and free handed the other hallway wall, but used the shift key to make it one continues wall. Finally, I used the slab tool to build the dividing wall between the rooms, then clicked build.

But it wasn’t till I was finished that and tried to finish off the courtyard that I found they didn’t know how to go through a double set of double doors. Even found a pet that go trapped in the courtyard.

I get what you mean–in order to get the layout you have, you’d have to have several layers of wall construction–one “erect wall” command wouldn’t cut it.

But what I mean is the wall plan you show in the second picture. “Building No. 4” seems to be the entirety of the outer wall, plus the inner wall (not individual sections). The inner walls you made first are likely confusing the pathfinder, as the game doesn’t understand having doors ‘inside’ a structure yet (as you figured). The same goes with the open area in the middle, as the game seems to still have some difficulty with understanding spaces inside otherwise enclosed structures (unlike a ‘U’-shaped building).

If you try making each segment of wall on the outside and inside walls individually (and possibly build the floors in portions afterwards too), I believe some of the problems you have will be remedied. Again, I need to explore it a bit more myself, but from what I’ve seen it should help.

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