Sim Lock, God Mode, Item Duping and Door Stacking -453

Hello, Stonehearth Developers. I had visited your Pax Booth, I must say that it was very interesting to talk to everyone.
Here is some bugs, I was unable to produce during my playtime at Pax but here is how to produce them and I hope you find it interesting.

–Sim Lock–

1- Build a house 3 story house with walls and place rows of slabs and on the edge where walls normally appear.

2- Erase and make holes on the 2nd floor in the center of the floor to make the roof split

3- Raise walls as normal and place a roof, then change the direction of each room 2-3 times, Click undo and then build some slabs on the edge of the where the roof normally will go, After you have done this Raise the roof once more…

The final building Result should look something like this as you can see lots of walls mushed together and slabs on top of the roof / inside the roof.

4- The Sim will now be locked, you will be unable to load, save or even play this game Have Fun. ^^

Video #1 & 2

I will only add videos if it’s ok to link to Twitch or youtube, I have succesfully reproduced this bug in 2 recordings.

–God Mode–
Effect 1: 1 Hearthing will be unable to die from Hunger, Damage and will have one Object stuck to them.

Effect 2: The Hearthling will be unable to eat food even when hungry (at least right away)

Effect 3: Occasionly the system scripts will remeber to take off 1 HP from hunger, seem quite random…

This guy just won’t eat.

— Yep Still Going. (I also included my system time. in this shot and one after this.)

Now to showcase Him in Combat, please refer to the video, I will link.

I will post how to do this once, I’m able to reproduce this 100% of the time, right now it’s quite tedious to get it working.

1- Try to cause a UI error of any kind during this error pick up and drop items in the same exact spot, you will notice the hearthlings will try to follow your commands, When the Object is being moved Click the deploy button twice.

Alternative method of activation (not full God Mode)

1A- Pick up any item that will cause errors such as Goblin Totem pole, Once there stuck and unable to move, Change the class a few times to get them Unstuck, they will only momentary be able to move once you manage to make them change classes, they will be able to move again for about 30-60 seconds use this time to tell them to go to a combat the goblins camp or undead.

–Item Duping–
Effects, Duplicates the item the hearthling is trying to put down.

Coming Soon, Taking Pictures and writing it up.

Door Stacking -
1- Place one wall,
2- Place a basic door normally
3- Place a different type of door near the wall’s edge
4- Congrats, you got your own floating ghost door :smile:

–Template Files (Alternative to videos)

Copy this code into a json file then place this inside the building template directory.
Then use the roofing tool on this building on both sides of the building and then center, After you have done this the sim will lock up.