Show the starting area in the new game screen more clearly?

Hi! If I understand correctly, if you click a point on the new game map, you get that area to play on, and not other areas on the map (i.e. the map it shows is larger than the map you play on, at least for now). However, it’s not really just the one point you click. Therefore, it would make sense if the screen would show more clearly what region you get to play on with a rectangle or something as opposed to just the single dot.

The problem, of course, is that later on the game will not be limited to any given rectangle on the larger map, and the point really does make sense as your central starting point. Any rectangle would give the false impression you can only play in that area. However, until that time, it would be much clearer if you would get such a rectangle. I just don’t know it’s worth implementing for that duration. I’ll leave that up to the developes to decide—it’s just a suggestion, after all.


Okay, for some reason, Discourse won’t me post this because there was a posting error and now the body of my new post is too similar to my old post (which never appeared). Yay. So, here’s hoping all this verbiage at the beginning of the post is enough to confuse the filter and let me get the real post, which is the second paragraph, past it.

I suspect the current design is just temporary - once maps are turned into endless worlds, you can probably just dump the “click on the map” bit - roll a world until you like what it shows you, then sort out your starting resources/units/etc (which is, IIRC, the plan), and hit embark.

while I think the current map interface, and picking our starting location process is really slick, I don’t see it being critical once we have “endless maps”…

part of the fun with randomly generated maps is not knowing what resources you’ll have at your disposal when first venturing out… :wink:

Those are all good points. It might indeed be true. Like I had said in my original post, I know it’s a temporary issue, if that, I just thought I’d point it out for the time it’s of importance. I don’t know how long that will be, but if it’s going to be a while, and if it’s an easy change, it might be worthwhile to implement.

oh, i definitely agree… if the concept remains (which there is no reason to think it won’t at this point), then giving the player a better indication of what their “initial map” will include would certainly prove useful… :+1:

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i think the point of it is that when it comes time to endless maps lets say that i want to be in a general area so i click and use it so that the squares we have now is a starting point and as we get bigger we can pick and chose what i want then once loads we can find the spot in the endless world

Just had a thought - the current model may work fine too if the embarkation screen map is sufficiently big. At the moment, the spot you click on is, let’s say, about the size of a tree or two in-game, making it a bit pointless. But, if it were the size of the alpha game’s starting map (and maybe had a mini-map preview on the embarkation screen?), it’d work fine. Downside would be the longer loading time required to generate the top-down view of such a large area.