The world map that's used for base placement

i have just a small simple suggestion. for the world map at the beginning of the game

  1. list in order top being best and bottom being not as good the colors for you use for vegetation, animals, minerals.

  2. do the same as above but with the words you use to describe quantity of resources.

oh if the colors are related to certain animals, minerals, or vegetation; you could show a large list of whats in the color a saying things like this maybe there. (this one just came to me but it sound like a pain)

so when you start doing water or if you do. i have a few ideas for the world map.

  1. you could add it to the other list of resources, using the same scale. which i like because then you could not only have water in lakes and streams but under ground were the hearthlings might find on accident. Which they could turn in to something cool, or they could have found while digging in the side of a mount and all the water is heading strait for the center of town!!! which could do nothing or could wash away resources, destroy buildings and so on tell they fix it. this last bit came from my mad scientists part of my brain.
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I don’t know why the last paragraph is boxed in gray i got no clue

I agree, a map would be quite useful for initial placement of the flag.

maybe we can have a search, lets say you only want a place with 4 trees, 2 animals and 3 ores. like skypes rate this call whare you pick the number of stars you can use mouse hover to determin the trees,animals or ores that you will settle then it will show you the places but wont lock you to those places.

I fixed the last paragraph boxed issue. Looks like if you put in 4 spaces at the start of a paragraph, it automatically assumes you are writing code or something.