My Alpha 3 lets play

My play through was pretty good. I did not encounter any crash bugs. Looking forward to Alpha 4
Click here for the video!

You can play a somewhat unstable version of Alpha 4 right now if you’re using Steam! Follow the instructions here:

Bear in mind it is rather buggy at the moment, though I’m sure we’ll see a fair few fixes sometime soon :slight_smile:

Nice video! It’s a sense of mild nostalgia to look at Alpha 3 again. I recommend commentary throughout next time rather than at the start and end of it, if you’re interested in doing that sort of thing.

Mind you, the location selection at the start I think isn’t entirely useless, because you don’t get the whole of that map you see to play on, just a bit surrounding the point you click. Which reminds me, I meant to make a suggestion topic about that. Done.

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