[Youtube] Let's Play Stonehearth Alpha 11 with Zigworf!

I started a new series of Stonehearth!
I’m playing this one in Alpha 11.

Day 1.


But why stonehearth11 when alpha12 is released since last week? ^^


I’m asking myself the same questions! :smiley: Plus i answer them… sorta in the next episode…
I like to play it safe. Use the latest previous Alpha update so that i have a smaller chance of running into a big bug… I also wanted to do a series of every Alpha from 10.5 onward (Probably won’t happen). when i use the previous Alpha it has every feature that, that Alpha had, and it sort of displays how the final version of the Alpha looks/looked like… In a way its sort of a log, for me. :slight_smile: My logic may be a bit crazy.

Edit: Alpha 12 looks really stable… So now i sorta regret starting an Alpha 11 series instead of an Alpha 12 one. :slight_smile:

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Day 2.

its an interesting way to look back on how much progress was made between alphas

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Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 12 is out now!
Here’s the playlist!

Day 23?!?!?