Should Have an "About Us" Page?

Usually every stream and other places, people ask “How many people are working on the game?” or “What does [Staff Member] do?”, but I have thought of a solution to this problem! On after “Contact Us” there should be something that says “About Us”. In this section, at the begging, there would be a brief summary of Radiant Entertainment’s history, then it would say something like this:

Meet The Team!

[Photo of Staff Member]
Name: Mr. Example
Job: Modeling Examples
About Me: Hello! I’m Mr. Example! My job is to make models of examples in Examples the Game!

What do you guys think?


i like this thought, in fact just this morning i was wondering if there was such a thing.


Aren’t they only like a 5 man team or something right now…
Tom, Tony, Stephanie and… others?
they have something… similar right here

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Yes, but it’s only Tom and Tony, and not many people would think to click on “Contact Us” to learn about the developers, they would click on that to email them or something


Poor @brad. It’ll be a while before anybody remembers him.


yes, it should… and yes, it will! I think :smile:

@brad will be heading up the website revamp, and this was one of the things that was suggested towards the end of last year (as part of a larger website makeover)…


Oh really? I’ll if you a dollar and what ever is in my pocket if you tell me more info!

@brad never really makes himself known… D:
their page I listed above only has tony/tom mentioned and I only know stephanie because I see her around discourse.

oh… well, you see… the thing is … …

@Brad creeps up from behind, a mischievous grin painted across his face



Shh. Just pretend I’m not here.


No photos - that is much too corporate. Please do not remind me of work.
Design hearthings to look like all the team members. Use the models to make profile pages and team pictures.