Stonehearth Media Page


Not exactly a game suggestion. But the dev blog has a media page that I think needs to be updated.

I realize Tom and Tony are busy with far more important things, and this is by no means an urgent task, but I always find myself wanting to share this game with whoever is around me, and my first instinct is show them the media page. Game play and screenshots, that’s what everyone wants. But the media page looks exactly the same as it did the very first time I saw it, and we’ve come so far since then!

But is it worth the time it would take to update?


Hm… actually there is not much more media available than you can find on the page, right? The only media I am missing is the Kickstarter-Video. Other than that we just had some information from streams and some concept art.


i get where you’re coming from @cablex17 … its always nice to see the game portrayed in the best possible light…

and there will always be a need to keep the public face of SH as up to date as possible, but it obviously has to be balanced with other priorities… there could be new (or revised) concept art, new models from live streams, and new footage (once its available) added to the media page…

we’ll see… perhaps @CannonJunior or Mark (i think that was brother #4, yes? :smiley:) might be heading up website maintenance at some point?

but i think as long as we continue to see media coverage, where the team is able to discuss the latest development progress, folks will have a good understanding of where the game is, and where it’s headed… :+1: