Should a serving of bacon and eggs be considered vegetarian?


Wow, the advances in vegan egg-substitutes seem to have come a long way! hahah


Oh yeah, it’s made with Soya-Bacon, there’s this super rare plant way out in the deepest forests where vegetarian bacon grows. Some say the trees even grow as tall as mountains!

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Nope, haha. This will be updated a future build


This might be a bug: My Hearthling ate a dish of Roasted Potato,and in the Morale tab, she both complained of eating a raw food the Roasted Potato, and also was happy for eating a cooked food dish of Roasted Potato.

This Hearthling does not have any food related traits either.

potato or sweet potato? sweet potatoes are base game, potatoes are from stonehearth caffe if i remember correctly?

It was sweet potato. Anyway I also noticed that the Hearthlings often complain that they “Ate a bland meal” serving of Roast Varanus. Is this intended? It is not in the Everyday Meal section, it is the next tier up called Chef’s Specials, although it is the very first one, so maybe its not quite tasty enough. They really like eating Roast Venison!