Raw vs Cooked Food

I don’t think the Hearthlings should complain their meal was raw if they pick raw food to eat if there are cooked alternatives available - this always seems to happen when they eat watermelon, they love it but complain it’s raw


They’re programmed to eat cooked food first unless it’s not available; thus why they would complain, so you know to cook more food. You say they love it, so I wonder if the emotions system is taking priority here…

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This also happens with berries. It’s silly, really.

I think the complaint should be changed to only show up when eating raw stuff is a reoccurring thing. Something like “My meal is always raw!” Because sometimes the silly hearthlings will still pick raw over cooked, even though the pantry is stocked to the rim with cooked deliciousnesses.

Plus, in real life people can still enjoy eating a raw thing sometimes. When I was a little kid, I loved eating raw carrots. (Until I ate so much that I got sick of it and threw up all over the place; since then, I hate carrots, both cooked and raw.)

As for the “tasty meal” and “raw meal” thoughts coming together… well, even if we eat something tasty, we eventually get sick of eating the same thing over and over and over again, so a new thought like “My meals are so monotous” or something along those lines could be introduced.


This is the reason I stopped planting watermelon and I don’t even accept the offer from the seed trader, to be honest. Once I have a cook and there’s plenty of food, I stop picking berries, too. Why? Because if they eat them, they complain, and then they go bad anyway since the hearthlings TEND to eat cooked food first.

We need more recipes.

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Why not add a new food tag - “dessert”?
My vision:
Desserts give a special bonus to mood “had a nice snack” if you eat them after cooked food or when you are almost not hungry.
If you eat desserts only - you get a mood debuff "I want normal food!"
Cooks/farmers skills or personal traits improve the dessert bonus.
New personal trait “sweet tooth” - eats more desserts when (s)he needs. Gets extra mood bonus for this. Gets a special bad thought if there is no dessert in the town.

there is (in A21-23) a bad thought if you eat the same food for 3+ times.

I think, the appeal or “like/dislike” mechanics could be extended to food, clothes and other herthling preferences.

I think the system needs a bit of a rework. Instead of raw and cooked distinction (which is silly because cooked watermelon is pure nonsense) I would add a hot_meal tag and a negative thought when none of Ling’s last 3 meals was hot. If one wants to emphasise the more elaborate recipes it should not be dependent on raw or cooked, a gourmet tag could be added and a positive thought if one of the last three meals had the tag. This way one can have elaborate cold food items (e.g. salads, cakes) and simplistic hot meals (e.g. a plate of groat without any seasoning).