Sheppard not feeding animals

The sheppard seems to drop the food that is supposed to feed the animals on the floor when she’s moved a bit away from the chest she got it from.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get multiple animals
  2. Get a food storage set up for feeding the animals
  3. Watch when the sheppard goes to feed his animals

Expected Results:
Sheppard carries the food to the hungry animals and they happily start eating
Actual Results:
Sheppard drops the food and goes back to the stockpile to get new food only to drop it again while the animals are dying.

Version Number and Mods in use:
0.17.0 (release 593) x64 build unmodded

Reloading the save did not do anything
[UPDATE] Demoting and repromoting the sheppard solved this problem for a little while, but she fall back into this patern after 1 ingame day

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She’s stuck in a loop :sweat:
It makes no sense, she’s playing restocking with the other hearthlings.

@yshan might be able to take a look at the save.