Shepherds walking extremely slow?

Not sure if it is normal but are the shepherds meant to walk alot slower than normal herthlings? i have so many animals that are on the map to be captured but the shepherds never seem to get to them.

here is the save file just as i noticed them. i have a few mods installed the main being cookmod and brewerymod

might be because of a mod im not sure or is this how its meant to be?

It’s a normal behavior.He walks slowly to tame animals because he avoids to scare them.

Smae with @judE this is normal bevior, they walk around really slow when they’re trying to tame new animals for the koop, they may bet attacked and killed during this period, so keep a good eye on them

After a sufficient amount of animals are tamed(about 2~3), they will return to normal speed and won’t go looking for any new animals unless you make a new koop or kill the animals inside below the sufficient amount

This is when they arent anywhere near animals though, they are in the middle of the town and the animals far away >.>

Yeah, their slow animation starts regardless of the distance between them and the animal

Think of it as a ‘searching’ phase

The devs might tweak it so they only slow down when they’re near the animal, but for now, that’s what it is

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Personally I think that it needs to be changed to a closer distance they start walking slow. In that save game they walk slow from a massive distance and they probably get half way to the animal and all of a sudden they will stop to feed the existing ones or go eat themselves. leaving me with an occasional rare animal being caught, I currently have no pigs or sheep tamed as they keep getting interupted to do other things and i have had the shepherds for a while (they are also lvl 1 and 2 because they can never get anything done)

I showed this to Yang and she is gonna take a look : ).

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XD thank you Malley. xx