Shepherd Pasture

Job of Shepherd is assigned but I can´t create an animal pasture.
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release 763
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do you have an shepard??? because the info shows “required a shepard”

Yes, I would have included another Screenshot in which you could see that, but I just created this account, so I’m not allowed to.

Just to make sure, You have to wait until the assigned shepherd picks the tool, does the promoting animation and transforms into a shepherd properly. Until then, you still don’t have a shepherd and can’t place pastures. May be this is what is happening.

Have fun, Kyth.

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Did you actually tried drawing a zone?
The button is not grayed out, this means you can use it. The red message will be there no matter if you have the job or not.
The zone needs to be at least 10x10.
Give us steps to reproduce.


I didn’t know it had to be 10x10, that’s the problem. Sorry for being an idiot…

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Don’t feel like an idiot! We’re just glad it got figured out. :grin:


They should change that red text tho it’s very misleading i have thought the same in the past when i seen it.

Would be a lot better if it was the same way as when you promote a hearthling when the text goes from red to green when you meet the requirement…

Requirement Not Met Red

Requirement Met Green


Can’t repro this in our internal branch. For those 3 zones (farms, trapping zones and pastures) the requirement in red disappears from the tooltip once you promote someone. This fix will be on A23. (I can’t even remember how many of these little bugs are fixed for A23, probably more than the ones that will appear in the patch notes… :confused:).

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