Shepherd not spawning sheep, demotion breaks game

I’m running latest version on steam and built up my town, got my trapper to level 3 and promoted her to shepherd. This was broken in the first place as the shepherd just hung around the town and sat at the firepit, On demoting the shepherd back down to a trapper I get an error message that just keeps repeating. As a new user I can’t upload the screen shot but it’s located here:

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hey there @Loki481 … welcome aboard! :smile:

our corporate firewall is blocking the path to tinypic so I cant see the full URL for the image… if you can post that here, I can embed the image for you… thanks!

Hi Steve,

The direct link to the image is not sure if that’s what you need?

I can confirm stuff is not right with the shepherd.

yes sir… the image is now embedded in your OP…

thanks! :+1:

Perfect, thanks for that!

I have the same issue as described above… exactly.

Running 64 bit version