Changing from Shepherd

Title: Changing from Shepherd to Carpenter


When changing a Shepherd to carpenter, the character gets stuck in the change and starts dropping / generating an infinite number of staves

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make a Shepherd
  2. change to Carpenter (possibly other jobs?)

Expected Results: Shepherd gets stuck in transition and staves star appearing around. As staves are removed new ones are produced

Actual Results:


Attachments: New users can’t upload images. Contact me if you would like the screenshot that includes error messages.

Versions and Mods: Alpha 10, no mods

System Information: Win 7

Interesting. I haven’t been able to reproduce this one myself (but running on “latest” branch with r375). I take it you are playing on the stable branch with revision r345 (top-left of game screen)? If so, it may be already fixed. If not, maybe it takes something special in a save game to make it glitch out.

Hopefully @Relyss or someone else can get your image added so we can see the error messages.

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hello @cprezalor, welcome to the discourse :smile:

if you upload it to or some such place, @SteveAdamo or @Relyss could embed it into this post for you :smile:

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Cloud services… of course! How could I forget.

Meanwhile, you’re probably quite right, I haven’t tried making it on a new game, and my game save is after the hearthling has been a shepherd for over a day (game time), so there’s plenty of time for other things to have crept in. Unfortunately I’ve also since overwritten the save file.

Also, yes, I’m Running 345 (x64). If I can replicate it on a new game, I’ll let you know better the circumstances. For now, I apologize for what may be a wild goose chase caused by my not poking at it more before submitting a report. (on that note, thank you for your patience with me submitting this).

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That’s quite a few errors.

Just so you know, you can click on any given line in the list of errors and it will pop up a window with fuller details of the error. If you can replicate some of these bugs in future, I suggest taking a screen shot of that part too. At least once for each unique error (a lot of those looked to be repeats). It will make it easier for the devs to identify the problem and fix it (if it isn’t already in r375).

I did not know that, but If I can reproduce the issue I will be sure to take advantage of it!


this bug is a known issue, however this is the first time ive seen it with the shepherd, so if im not mistaken, those error messages just keep coming with each new shepherds crook, correct?

also, dont worry about “not poking” even just posting a pic of the error messages will help TR

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That’s correct, each new crook is generated along with each error message, happening about one per second or two.

hmm…TR is working on finding the root of this bug, though im unsure if they have yet.

i guess i’ll just page @Albert so he can possibly give a more informative answer.

This is a demote bug. I’m not sure 100% how many of these have they already fixed (since we have over 1300 reports right now (not counting the dups, but counting the NaBs).

In any case, thanks for reporting, @cprezalor, if you reproduce it in newer versions you know where to post :wink:

We don’t expect new users to find the duplicate reports here, since Discourse it’s a bit weird to use if it’s the first time you’re visiting this kind of forum… :sweat_smile: so don’t worry about that. Even checking old versions is fine since it can help us to know since when was the bug introduced.

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Hi all,
Thanks for the screenshot and bug info about the shepherd.
I looked into this and I think I’ve fixed at least one version of the issue. @cprezalor – did you harvest a sheep for meat or have a sheep die by any chance? I fixed a demote bug where sheep harvested for meat would cause errors when you demote. The dead sheep are haunting you. OOooOOoo


are you certain its not the weresheep? :wink:


Yshan, you’re correct! I did harvest the two sheep for meat before demoting him.

I’m very interested in how these ghost sheep will be implemented. Will Hearthlings count them in their sleep and will doing so result in nightmares? :sleeping: :sheep:


Haha, actual ghost sheep would be awesome. XD
In this case, it was just the shepherd not realizing some of his sheep had died and when the shepherd changes jobs, he tries to release all his sheep, even the dead ones. Releasing a dead sheep causes things to be unhappy.


Sounds soooo like the origins of the weresheep… They will come back from the dead, looking for the shepherd who abandoned them to get a better job… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and destroying everything on their way.


you know… i might, just maybe, make a weresheep mod. once i get the hang of coding and such.