Shepherd Hearthling stuck IN the ground while looking for cows?

Ah, my apologies @WarLink, I forgot that you didn’t report the bug…I was going back and forth with a couple of topics - got confused.

@Kitkat_Matt, do you have a save where the shepherd is stuck?

the shep is stuck right next to the town on the side of the mountain the picture at the top should give it away but i guess not.

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The sheep…the title said shepherd. Let me look again.

Edit: it’s a cow…I’m going to need to add stonehearth expanded as that’s where the cow is coming from (and why I can’t see it!

OK @Kitkat_Matt, I’ve loaded in Stonehearth Expanded so the cow is in the game. I still can’t find a cow anywhere. Can you provide a more zoomed out screenshot of where the cow is stuck? Also, are you positive you game me the correct save? I don’t see any cow pastures…

well firstly yes it requires stonehearth expanded as it’s listed in the mods above.

secondly i’m PRETTY sure that’s the right save. it was the last one i had from that town. the cow itself isn’t stuck. once again, the title of the subject is SHEPHERD stuck in ground. it’s not the cow thats stuck. it’s the hearthling that’s stuck. the cow pasture hasn’t been properly made because the shepherd can’t GET OUT OF THE GROUND TO RETURN TO WHERE I PLACED THE ZONE FOR THE COWS.

and it seems as tho i didn’t actually save the game with the shepherd stuck so i’ll have to reproduce the issue.

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So I did read correctly the first time. When you wrote “shep” I thought it was a typo for sheep, not a shortened spelling of shepherd.

In any case, here’s where I see the shepherd when I load the save. Does not appear to be stuck:


Gotcha, that would explain my confusion. Sorry for all the trouble!

yes ok so i was able to reproduce the issue, kinda.

basically any time i place down the cow pasture the shepherd goes over to the cow it finds, whistles at it, then kinda gets stuck in place wherever it is as if trying to get to a place it can’t actually get to?

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OK, let me make a pasture quickly…

go ahead, it’s rather interesting. i’m playing raayas children if that helps and they don’t seem to have access to EVERYTHING related to stonehearth expanded which i find rather odd too.

So something’s going on with the mod - as I got engine errors as soon as the shepherd whistles at the cow. I’d suggest reporting this over in @GreatColtini’s topic.

As for Rayya’s Children, I believe mods have to do something special for certain things to appear. For example, not all Ascendency crops are available when playing RC.

interesting, i don’t get any errors popping up when whistling at the cow. i get an error as soon as it loads the save up however.

With multiple mods in play, it’s hard to say what the exact issue is. I unfortunately don’t have time to do a thorough test - but considering that the shepherd doesn’t have appear to have issues with the poyo or rabbits, I think it’s safe to say this is #caused_by_mod.