My heathling stop his job at any time and stay inactive forever

Summary: i just promoted a trapper to shepherd, then he started his job but at a time, he stopped to work and don’t eat,sleep or move.

Steps to reproduce:

i don’t know , sorry

Expected Results: the shepherd capture the cow and keep working and living

Actual Results: the shepherd stop any actions and i can’t “wake” him, then he die slowly from hunger. i think it’s because i may use a mod that is now outdated. :confused:

Notes: I think it should come from a mod that add cows, i forgot the name of this mod but i’m not sure that it’s the primary reason because when my shepherd is demote to worker, the bug still being there.


Version Number and Mods in use: alpha 22r737 a lot of mods but i actually use :
-balista mod
-minecart and rails
-patrol mod
-settlement decor

System Information: Windows 10 64b; 16Go RAM; i3 intel core.

This must be caused by that mod indeed. I’m not sure that removing the mod will fix the hearthling, but you can try disabling / removing / updating the mod and see if it helps.

i’ll try it as soon as possible :wink:

ok, i removed the mod that add cows and the bug disappeared :slight_smile:

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