Sheepasaurusrex's fan art page (new comic!)

Where my subpar work goes! :yum:

Fire pits and too much shading:

Silly comic:

Pigtail club:

far too long of a comic detailing for impatient i am:


@SteveAdamo i’ve got it all set up, if you wouldn’t mind merging them too much :blush:

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i keep getting these adorable pig-tailed trappers, so this just kind of happened. pigtail club!

should i just make an art page? i’ve made three topics in the past two days, so making more to throw my art in seems kind of ridiculous…

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yeah, just make one thread to house all your art (I can merge/close threads when you are ready)… would make it easier to see your entire “portfolio”… :smile:

love the pigtail club, by the way… :+1:


alright, i can do that! and thanks :blush:

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sorry if it’s not all that good, i’m not all that good with SAI yet :sweat_smile:

also, sorry if its too dark. was listening to pendulum, went nuts on the shading, ect. ect.

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wow… if only i was half as good as you.

Looks amazing, my highest compliments :slight_smile: I actually like the shading, gives the nighttime feel. My only critique is that the “stonehearth” on the flag loses its shading on the bottom half.

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thanks :sweat_smile: don’t put yourself down, though, i’m really not that good

thank you :blush: with the banner, i was kind of trying to show like that little half circle of darkness on the banner model in game for the shading there, but if it looks too weird i can go back in and fix it i guess :relaxed:

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Nah I like it just needs a little bit of work to get it to be smooth.

more like this sort of?


hmm…now that I see it i’m liking the first one better. Forget I said anything :stuck_out_tongue:

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alrighty, no problem! :relaxed: thanks for your critique by the way


hey there @sheepasaurusrex … welcome aboard! :smile:

you are selling yourself short… you are clearly very talented! looking forward to seeing more of your pieces… :+1:


It looks amazing!!!

There are 2 groups of artists:
Group 1 artists create some work and congratulate themselves.
Group 2 artists create work and tell how it could be improved right off the bat!
I believe it takes effort to be able to criticize oneself’s work, and to find ways to improve it.
You definitely fall under Group 2, and although your work is wonderful, if you believe you can go beyond that, I would LOVE to see it! But if you can’t seem to improve it after hours of work, you have reached your current limit, and yours so far is amazing!
Keep up the good work!


welp. that happened.

I have done nothing but listen to propane nightmares on loop and draw for the entire day. help.

well done! :+1:

if I may provide a “critique”, you might try swapping cells 2 and 3… I think that would make it flow a bit better…

im both intrigued and frightened … perhaps I should give this a listen as well? :wink:

did it! :+1: thanks for the critique, that really does look better :blush:

its by a band called pendulum! its mostly a drum and bass band, but they also have a lot of songs that are synth led, like this one. i’d recommend it! :blush:

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Once again, amazing work.