Selling items right before they are picked up for building will result in missing items in building

When building a house, right before the workers pick up for example beds for placement in the new building, i sold all beds to a trader.
The beds are now “shadowy” in the building like a placement preview, but they will now stay that way forever, even when the item gets available again.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build house with beds
  2. Right before a worker picks up the beds for placement in the building, sell all beds to a trader

Expected Results:
Beds will be placed to complete the building once they get available

Actual Results:
Building never really finished, the beds-to-be-placed stay “shadowy” to indicate that they should be placed, but ever actually get placed.


Versions and Mods:

System Information:

We can consider that as a “no bug” : your item will be missing but when this item will be rebuilt, your worker or anyone else will put this item :wink:
It’s a mean not to forget to put the item you wanted to put before.

he said that even after making more beds [quote=“exitheone, post:1, topic:18505”]
but they will now stay that way forever, even when the item gets available again.
[/quote] that it continues to not place the beds. and that’s visually annoying, having shadow beds there even if you double the order to place beds there (which causes the bed to be brighter than normal due to overlap)

In my case my villagers finally put the missing items. It’s not right after creating them, but at an unknown moment.

hmm. @exitheone try to wait for a few days and report back if they ever end up placing new beds. if not, report back anyway, as this’ll let us know there’s a bug.

EDIT: Oh, also, make sure you clear up their queue. give them some free time, it’ll allow anything pushed back to the bottom of their list to resurface, you can keep farmers and the like working, just stop gathering/building/mining for now so your workers to sit around all day, it should allow them to realize they forgot to set down beds faster.

@Ridesdragons this was really hard to trigger is suppose :confused:

What i ended up with in the end: i placed a new bed right next to the shadow bed (because the shadow bed actually prevented me from placing anything there. My workers had nothing else to do, so the new bed got placed immediately.

The shadow bed just stayed there forever.

I’ll later try to dig out and older savegame where the shadow bed is still present and the workers are idling. I hope i will be able to find it.


@Ridesdragons @Powerclank screenshot of the issue.
i could upload the savegame if that helps

correction, after reloading the same savegame a couple of times, now if i wait a moment, the workers place a bed there.
on my original save, i did nothing different but the bed was never placed.

Saves are always useful! If you can take the save and zip it to less than 10 MB, feel free to upload it directly. If larger than 10 MB, please upload it to a file sharing site like Dropbox, Google Drive, File Dropper, etc. and post the sharing link here.

Edit: Good to know that it corrected itself, if you encounter this again, please upload the save.

@jomaxro (5.2 MB)

the funny thing is, if i reload old savegames, within 1 minute the bed gets placed. but i have several savegames, several ingame days apart and the bed is still in “shadow mode” in each of them.
But upon loading the savegames, the bug seems to be fixing itselft, so this might be a transient error in the running games that gets reset once i load a savegame.

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