Screen Freeze / Refresh Bug

Build: Alpha 4
OS: Windows 7
Core i7 2.50GHz; 16gb RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000

After a random period of time, the screen refresh stops responding, requiring a restart of the game. You can occasionally get some areas of the screen to refresh from mouse movements, but all other means of working in the UI stops responding (ie, hitting ESC to dismiss menus, etc)

Initially this was not too much of an issue. However, the most recent occasion appears to have corrupted the savegame. After restarting, the option to load any of my previous saves was not available. For all intents and purposes, it presented as though I had never started a game at all.

One possible contributing factor is when the screen refresh bug happened the last time, I attempted to save the game (using the mouse to refresh the parts of the screen and reveal the save button).

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is this perhaps similar to this report?


Ach. Missed the original bug (I did comb thru recent posts since Alpha 4 to see whether someone already reported it. honest).

The description sounds the same. However, my case resulted in corrupted game saves, which I don’t see mentioned in the original bug.

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Follow Up: After going into the saved_games folder and deleting the most recent savegame and restarting the game, the option to load previous saves returns. It appears that whatever process that catalogs the list of save games throws a wobbly when it encounters a corrupted save.

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