Save UI Freezes -- Game Doesn't

Alpha 9 – Save Menu Freezes, UI doesn’t

I opened the main menu with ESC, which paused the game, selected save, and tried to create a new save. The “save” popup froze, but I was able to exit the menu, which caused the game to continue playing. I was no longer able to interact with anything, though.

Steps to reproduce (here’s exactly what I did, not sure which portions are causing the bug):

  1. Start a new game, play for a bit (autosave off)
  2. Save and exit. Reboot computer
  3. Play more. Try to save again, encounter bug.

Expected Results:
I expected the game to save.

Actual Results:
Save screen froze.

Sounds a bit similar to this one: Save menu UI freezing from Alpha 8, but different enough to warrant another report.

Also, I haven’t been able to repro this bug myself, but it’s definitely serious, whatever’s causing it.

No new save file was generated, so nothing there. I do have a video to aid the description:

Versions and Mods:
Alpha 9 r256 x64, no mods

System Information:
Windows 7 | AMD FX-8350 8-Core Processor | 16GB system memory | nVidia GeForce GTX 750Ti


I am on a MBPr 2013 and for me the save freezes almost all the time for about 30-40 seconds.
It actually causes to UI to crash some times.
I quit out of the save game UI and come back and I am able to see my saved game at that point in time.
I guess I should have also reported this bug earlier.

Does quitting out of the save menu and coming back cause your saved game appear?

I think this is a different bug, your issue sound similar to the one I linked. For me, nothing crashes after any length of time, but I can’t exit the save menu, can’t interact with the game at all. When I force close from a task manager the save game has not been written.


Weird. I remember my save UI freezing for some seconds (even making weird save screenshots that showed partially the sky behind) but it saved correctly and I could resume the game normally. (In build 240, I haven’t updated yet to the latest)…