[9.256x64] Savemenu doesn´t disappear when hitting ESC

See above.

I save, I want to be back fast, hit ESC, game starts again, mainmenu closes, savemenu doesn´t.

Not bug? Sorry, then it´s a suggestion. :stuck_out_tongue:

hey there @Bassti … no, this isn’t a bug, but it has been suggested a few times before! :smile:

let’s see if we can dig up one of the other threads…

edit: unless of course, I’ve misunderstood the post… is this similar to what you’re experiencing?

i believe they mean a bug where whenever you close the pause menu with the savegame ui open, the save ui stays open. (you used to be able to just click elsewhere in the game and close the pause ui’s)

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I can confirm this happens to me all the time.

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