Scout a class suggestion

I would love to see a scout class, this class would not be a fighting class, instead, this class you are able to set a line path ( similar to the lines you can make with the mining) this would allow a person to have a scout walking on walls to watch out for threats from mobs. Since this isnt a fighting class, the scout would then alter the town ( the current alter system when a mob is spotted) though this class would have a farther sight.

if this class was to physically run into a mob, he would be able to flee with a higher running speed.

All to often my guards just patrol my gardens or stockpiles that are safely within my walls. it would be nice to have a class justs for patrolling and seeing monsters.


Oh, I like that idea. I’ve been thinking it would be nice if someone would watch the horizon and shout out when a new enemy spawned in somewhere in the world. I have taken it upon myself to check the horizon every once and a while for those necromancer crypts : /.

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Sounds like pretty nifty addition, in addition maybe the scout could get the trapper’s not implemented enemy trap skill at higher levels? So you could make all kinds of traps to hinder the incoming mob? Like doing some damage, snaring few or even alarming the scout of their position that he gets to relay to the fighters?

Rather call this a Watchman class.

A scout is someone that goes out to explore.

So my suggestion on the Scout class is a scout that goes out to find events and camps to add to the adventuring part of the game. Higher level scouts can find higher reward “content”, and perhaps they could be upgraded into Tier 2 units with military capability like Rogues that can camoflage and steal stuff and deliver high damage critical strikes in battle (perhaps a way to counter enemy clerics and ranged units) while being very low hp itself.


he could pick up loot too from enemy drops