New class ideas and enimes

been thinking on new classes to throw out they are: jailer tamers necromancers and summoners. i feel as if the summoner could be for both sides like the archer knight and cleric. but the necromancer would be just for goblins or evil hearthlings. Howver the jailer and tamer would be for hearthlings. the tamer could tame the rock monsters or the bigger animals. and the jailer could capture enemy’s and once they level up enough you could have a small chance to convince evil hearthlings or goblins/orcs and ogres into allies for their release.

I agree these ideas would be pretty cool, and they’re actually already in the game for the most part. :slight_smile:

When your town gets to a “net worth” of 6000 or higher, Necromancers begin to spawn for the enemy. Graveyards will appear on the map that create skeletons and zombies that attack your village, and destroying them calls out the Necromancer who you have to fight. You can get some good items from killing them, like Platemail or Longswords.

The Jailer idea is already planned for the future of the Trapper class. Their level 6 skill “The Deadliest Catch” will be implemented as traps that can capture/immobilize enemies and monsters.

Tamer is already in the game, although in a smaller way; the Trapper class can also tame animals that follow them around. Maybe a better suggestion would be for a high level Trapper to be able to tame Wolves and Varanus?

it would be also cool if the necromancer’s crypt send a wave of mobs every night after they appear and the only to stop them is by defeating the necro inside.

Imagine 3 or more spawned near your town forming a triangle/polygon and you’re in a geographical disadvantage. very thrilling! :laughing:

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I like that idea. but how about a necromancer with a small squad until the crypt is destroyed?

it’s already implemented. they just stand there and guard at night then dies at sunrise then spawn again at night… until they’re put out of their misery. :cry:

well I ment that a group would come out of the crypt and attack your town each night

I see what you have said however my ideal thing with the jailor would be to have them have a chance to have an enemy join your town or kill them. As for the tamer/trapper I would be happy with what you suggested. do you have any thoughts on the summoner class? What monsters would you like to see summoned or is it just a bad idea in general?

oh you mean like the necromancer is in the invading group? that would work if the necro can summon undead while fighting/invading but also unwise 'cuz he’s sending himself to the front line.

But that can be countered if he has a backup plan.